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Disney Magic English

Harga:Rp. 4.225.000
Jumlah Pesanan: Tambah ke Keranjang
Cara Pembayaran:Transfer Bank (T/T), Tunai
Kemas & Pengiriman:26 DVD + 26 Buku Hard Cover
Negara Asal:Amerika Serikat
Keterangan:Magic English is a fun way for children to learn the English language along with all their favourite Disney characters! The interactive DVD and activities books bring educational adventures to life with stories, songs, and games from classic Disney film favourites! Disney’ s Magic English make learning becomes fun and enjoyable – just like playing a game! Each part of the program has been developed in close collaboration with highly qualified education specialists in the English Language.

The course, by combining the high entertainment value that consumers expect from Disney with a pedagogically sound approach to language teaching, provides an unparalleled learning experience with the help of the best-known and best-loved Disney characters: from Mickey Mouse, to Bambi, Pluto, Lilo & Stitch and Monsters Inc. And with never-before-seen bonus features - including quizzes, new games, guess letters and much more – play and learn, Donald’ s Tips, and Goofy’ s story has never been such a treat. Magic English is the perfect way to introduce children to the English Language.

Why Disney Magic English
* Learning English through stories
* Increasing vocabulary through repetition
* Practising English through activities
* Repeating sing-along answers
* Final revision
* Learn 20-30 new words from each DVD
* Repeated continuously
* 500 root words once completed
* Disney characters
* Self-checking system
* First Education Programme for children

Product Features

Disney Magic English course contents:
26 DVDs and 26 Activity Books.

Each DVD comes with an activity book. It reinforces and helps children to remember what they have learnt throughout the DVD. Each activity book contains the following sections:

1. Play & Learn!
Children enjoy playing games. The games in this section complement the DVD activities which reinforce and check their understanding.

2. Activities
Fun activities relate to the topics on the DVD for children to do at home, for examples: how to make a drum, how to make snacks for friends etc.

3. Aladdin' s Discoveries
Aladdin will take your children on a journey to discover how people live and talk in other English speaking countries! For example: Is a “ sweety pie” a kind of pudding or term of affection? Children will enjoy learning more unusual features of life in English speaking countries.

4. Mickey' s Quiz:
Quiz to test your children' s progress after they watched the DVD.

5. Goofy' s Story:
Children will learn to read and tell the stories about Goofy!

6. DVD Text:
Let children read the text in the DVD to make sure children understand everything they watch on the DVD.

7. Donald' s Tips! :

1. Look - A brief explanation of certain grammar points in English language
2. Look & Try - Children practice the new concepts they have learnt
3. Don' t Forget - Key words and sentences to remember

And each DVD comprises 4 difference sections:

Children will discover wonderful stories in English carried out by Goofy, Mickey, Donald and Pluto.

Children will be able to listen to the classic Disney' s songs and sing along with the song and learn English from the song!

Children will be able to sing the alphabet in English, play with the letters and words and discover the magical word!

Children will be able to practice and play with the interactive games and practise their listening skills here! .

Titles in Disney Magic English
The following are the titles in the Disney Magic English series:
Vol. No. Title Theme
1 HELLO : Greeting friends, naming objects
2 FAMILY : Relations among family members
3 FRIENDS : Playing together, understanding others
4 HAPPY HOUSE : Feeling secure at home
5 ANIMAL FRIENDS : Relations people have with animals
6 IT' S DELICIOUS : Food and eating habits
7 HAPPY BIRTHDAY : Birthday parties, age
8 TICK TOCK TIME : Telling time, time-related activities
9 NIGHT AND DAY : Describing night and day activities
10 LET' S PLAY : Sports, competitions, winning, losing
11 NUMBERS : QUantities, passage of time
12 AT HOME : Home activities
13 MY BODY : Parts of the body and their functions
14 PARTY TIME : Preparing for parties, inviting friends
15 COOKING : Baking, ingredients, measures
16 THE FOREST : Adventure into the unknown
17 THE SEA : On the beach, at sea, underwater wonders
18 LET' S TRAVEL : Traveling, asking directions
19 COLOURS : Description
20 WILD ANIMALS : Exotic and wild animals, circus
21 FUNNY FACES : Facial expressions, sense, emotions
22 COUNTRY LIFE : Outdoor life and its pleasures
23 MUSIC : Instruments and joys of music
24 MOUNTAINS : Nature
25 CHANGING SEASONS : Seasons and holidays
26 FAIRYLAND : Dreaming, fantasy, imagination, wishing.

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